The Nation’s Premier Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship

The surgeons of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute are some of the most respected and world-renowned in their profession. After fielding so many requests from young surgeons interested in training under their guidance, the group decided to begin an accredited fellowship program. Although many surgeons apply each year, few are accepted. In fact, just two new surgeons are accepted each year into the DPSI Aesthetic Fellowship based on their education, training, skill and talent.

World Renowned Aesthetic Surgical Training

While the program may offer lower-priced treatment options for clients seeking plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, for the surgeons it offers so much more. Each DPSI Fellow is a licensed surgeon in the state of Texas. Through this aesthetic fellowship opportunity, each surgeon is able to perfect his or her craft while under the supervision of the esteemed plastic surgeons of DPSI.

The DPSI Aesthetic Fellowship is a one-year fellowship program for high caliber plastic surgeons that are looking to extend their training following residency. The selection process is extremely scrupulous and only the best in their field of study are chosen. During their fellowship year, each surgeon will work alongside DPSI surgeons performing a variety of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, learning new techniques that will enhance and perfect their surgical skills.

Upon completion of their continued aesthetic plastic surgery training with DPSI, each surgeon goes on to start their own practice or chooses to accept an offer to join some of the top surgical practices throughout the country.

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